You can hear the Perseid Meteor Shower live

When a meteor enters the Earth's upper atmosphere it excites the air molecules, producing a streak of light and leaving a trail of ionization (an elongated paraboloid) behind it tens of kilometers long.

This ionized trail may persist for less than 1 second up to several minutes, occasionally. Occurring at heights of about 85 to 105 km this trail is capable of reflecting radio waves from transmitters located on the ground, similar to light reflecting from a mirrored surface. Meteor radio wave reflections are also called meteor echoes.

A meteor radar echo sounds like this:

So now you are ready to hear the Perseid Meteor Shower live!
As with viewing the Perseids, patience pays rich rewards of hearing the amazing music of the meteors !! ????

Phedias Hadjicharalambous
Cyprus Astronomy Organisation