About Us

The purpose of the CΑΟ shall be to provide a community to support education, outreach, research opportunities for the public and resources for all those interested in astronomy

The CAO is a newly established non-profit non-governmental organisation devoted to popularising astronomy and its related science. It was founded by a small group of like-minded astronomy enthusiasts and has since grown to a sizeable community through social media, news articles, radio interviews and other successful events.

Our community consists mainly of amateur astronomers from widely diverse backgrounds with a unifying interest in observing and discovering more about our universe. We aim to give opportunities to all members of the community to hear and learn more about astronomy, and grow an understanding of, and inspire curiosity about, our Universe through public outreach programs, education, and support for astronomical research.

We assist people with all levels of knowledge in astronomy - from novices who want to learn which binoculars or telescope is right for them, through someone who already owns a telescope and wants to maximise their visual experience. We have experienced observers, telescope makers and astro-photographers. We share our time and telescopes to provide you with unique astronomy experiences at sidewalk events and under the real night sky. All age levels are welcome, from supervised children through retired individuals.

The CAO is entirely funded through donations from sponsors and community members. We welcome any volunteers who want to assist us in our work.

The CAO is an ambassator of the International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) whose purpose is to preserve and protect the nighttime environment and our heritage of dark skies through environmentally responsible outdoor lighting.