IDA Cyprus Chapter

The Cyprus Astronomy Organisation's work includes initiatives to protect the night skies and fragile ecosystems

We educate communities and public officials about light pollution and provide solutions and resources through our public outreach programs

Lucky for us who live in the island of Cyprus. An island of excellent weather conditions and clear night-sky for 280 to 300 days out of 365. Even if we’re experiencing problem with the light pollution from the cities, a 40 minutes of an easy road will bring you at a very dark-sky spot near the mountains.

Our aim is to utilize such sites for astronomical purposes, but also to protect them from light pollution.

We're currently working on a project to create and establish a special place especially for observational astronomy. It is located at the foot of the mountain Troodos, 40 minutes from Nicosia and Limassol. At this stage there are members from different countries who came to astronomical observation events. Many astronomers in the world are facing problems, as mentioned above, so they cannot make regular observations in their countries.


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